As an individual artist and Active Member of the Gallery Climate Coallition, I have made a commitment to take public responsibility for the environmental impact of my art practice. I acknowledge the seriousness of the environmental crisis and encourage stakeholders and supporters to hold me accountable.

I don’t claim to be doing things perfectly and I don’t have all the answers. But along with many other artists and galleries we’re all doing our best to assess, report and reduce our impact, set targets in line with science, taking any actions we can,  and working out other solutions as we go. We are all doing our best to be honest, work together and with others, and learn as we progress.

Actions I have taken so far include:

a) switched the energy provider for my studio to Ovo green tariff providing “100% renewable electricity.”

b) undertaking an environmental impact evaluation of a group show I organised for Boiling Point Artist Collective at Open Hand Open Space in Reading in April 2023 – attempting to calculate (and thereby raise awareness of) the exhibition’s carbon footprint.
c) switched from bubble-wrap to compostable/recyclable paper wrap for all new artwork storage and carriage. (Although I will keep using and re-using the bubble wrap already in use, rather than sending it to landfill!)

d) Using public transport wherever possible in my practice. Using an electric car, charged from my home solar panels when public transport is not practicable and using an ultra low-emission 1.3L petrol engine van for transporting large/heavy goods.

e) Committed to minimise flying – I haven’t travelled anywhere by air since 2009, personally or professionally.
f) published this Environmental Responsibility Statement on my website
g) participated in farmland bird surveys on my landlord’s farms to monitor the impact of wildlife-friendly farming practices on red-listed species and the wider biodiversity crisis


Peter Driver

11 April 2023