'Greenham Common: Remnant of the Fence - Woodlark', Kodak Brownie 127 photograph

I live ten miles from Greenham Common, the Cold War nuclear base, which is now returned to heathland habitat and public access land. I return to it often to make drawings, photographs and to watch the birds.


Greenham Common: Golden Plover on the runway  (detail), Mimaki print on silk georgette, [photo and hand by Holly Taylor].
Greenham Common: Missile bunkers – Ring Ouzel, Kodak Brownie 127 photograph
Greenham Common, woodcut 2015, 70x56cm
Greenham Common: Fireplane – Wheatear, Kodak Brownie 127 photograph
Greenham Common/Cruise, woodcut monoprint on Always packet, 52x32cm