March for Optimism, Winchester High Street, 2014 [photo credit: Katie Doyle]

Having spent the best part of a year making woodcut prints with ambiguously utopian or optimistic slogans, I decided to take them out into the public square as placards. With the help of friends, family and members of the public – and the assistance of the local authorities and constabulary – I directed a ‘March For Optimism’ through Winchester. The March presented the idea of optimism and its continued existence despite the many reasons to be pessimistic (even more now than in 2014). ┬áThe video of the March, the banners and placards formed part of my Graduate Platform show at Aspex Gallery, Porstmouth later that year. I led a similar march in Andover in 2015, as part of the Arts Council-funded Bureau of Exchange, with colleagues from Chapel Arts Andover.