Everyone is Important, 2014, reduction woodcut 56x38cm
Boughton Lees, Woodcut, 19x28cm, 2012
Friends, 2020, woodcut monoprint (four blocks) 38x56cm
Kerry – portraits for NHS workers, 2020
Overcome, 2016, woodcut monoprint 56x38cm
Four Friends You Might Meet In The Pub, 2014, Reduction woodcut, 56x38cm (edition of 5 prints) made for a show at the the Golden Lion, Camden
We Are All In This Together, 2013. Reduction woodcut, 28x38cm (edition of 9 prints)
We Are All in This Together, woodcut monoprint, 38x28cm
Loving The Alien, 2013, reduction woodcut, 28x38cm
Complete Equality I, 2014, woodcut, 56x38cm
Greek Chorus, woodcut, 56x38cm, edition of seven prints
Seven Sevens, reduction woodcut, 2012. 76x56cm
Chalk Walk, 2016 woodcut monoprint, 50x38cm
Crossbones, 2012 photopolymer print


Kennet South of Reading, 2019 woodcut 56x38cm
Hampshire Cranks Past, screenprint 50x60cm
If Nothing Had Ever Existed, 2014, screenprint, edition of 20 prints.