Everyone is Important, 2014, reduction woodcut 56x38cm
Tree Sparrows, 2021, woodcut monoprint on vintage wallpaper, 30x40cm
Greenham Common, 2015, woodcut, 70x56cm
Turtle Doves, 2021, woodcut monoprint on vintage wallpaper, 31×35.5cm
Imagine Better, 2017, 28x19cm. Stack of 400 free woodcut prints made for the people of Southampton, for ‘Imagined Futures’ solo at K6 Gallery, Southampton
Build Community, 2020, reduction woodcut, 38x28cm (variable edition of 10 prints).
We Are All in This Together, 2013, woodcut monoprint, 38x28cm
Complete Equality I, 2014, woodcut, 56x38cm


Liberte Moire, 2015, woodcut monoprint, 56x76cm
Liberte Moire, 2015, 30 woodcut monoprints, 56x76cm each. (installation view)
I’m Glad you’re alive! Woodcut, 19x28cm, available free of charge (except p&p) – stack of free prints – installation view,